Râşnov medieval citadel

Dealul Cetăţii(The Citadel Hill)

Râşnov Citadel is the fortified complex located on the calcareous hill, in the southern part of Râşnov city, in Braşov county and represents one of the well maintained fortified complexes in Transylvania. The oldest structures kept until the present dates from the 14th century, probably on the spot of the wooden fortification raised by the Teutonic.

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“St. Nicholas” old orthodox church

Str. Romulus Cristoloveanu, nr. 14

It is considered the oldest orthodox church that was kept with elevation in the south-east of Transylvania. The building had the role of parish church for the Dobrice neighbourhood and, in general, for the orthodox population in Râşnov.

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The evangelical church

Str. Republicii, nr. 1

The church was built in the 13th century as a Roman basilica and it was subsequently fortified in gothic style. The mural paintings made in 1500 are partially kept until our days. The altar is interesting through a painting which is a clone of the famous Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. The church pulpit dates from 1680.

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Rasnov, str. Republicii, nr. 1
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“St. Nicholas” new orthodox church

Str. I. L. Caragiale, nr. 129

The Orthodox Church was built following the plans of the engineer Carol Gertner by the master Andrei Weber. The building works were lead by the priest Radu Petric. To the exterior, the church has an architecture which is dominated at the west by a five levels tower. To the interior, monumental architectural shapes were used – tall and wide arcades, ample domes raised on pilasters and pendentives, columns, wide windows adn an ample iconostasis, where he paintings of Mişu Popp where framed by a rich wood and stucco ornamentation.





Sissi Promenade Park

Str. Teilor, Rasnov 505400

In 1879, next to the Livada Preotului (Priest’s Orchard), close to the barracks of the cavalry regiment, a swimming school was built and a promenade was set called "Elisabeta" (Elisabethenpromenade), to honour the empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austro-Hungary, by the cavalry colonel Johann von Kaunz, officer of the cavalry imperial military unit in Râşnov. The promenade area of the people in Râşnov was rearranged in 2012.

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Valea Cetăţii Cave

Str. Republicii, nr. 1

The cave is located on the western slope of Postăvarul Massif (3.5 km distance from Râşnov), at an altitude of 790 m (main entrance). The touristic objective is part of the protected natural area "Valea Cetăţii Cave", which was designated a protected natural area in order to protect and preserve the natural elements with a special ecological scientific and landscape value and significance: karst phenomena (Valea Cetăţii Cave), rocky areas and limestone pavements from Poiana Dracului, secular trees, flora, loses of water in Fundăţica sink holes.

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Râşnoavei Keys

From Postăvarului peak (1799 m), to west-south-west, descends a crest of white, calcareous rock (Muchia Cheii), which ends abruptly in Râşnoavei Keys. The waters from the south of the crest which dig the keys are drained by the Valea Cheii (Valley of the Key). Access to Râşnoavei Keys is made from National Road 73 A - Predeal-Râşnov – ona roadway which splits at Cheia Lodge towards east.
Predeal-Cheile Rasnoavei 20km;
Brasov-Cheile Rasnoavei 21km;
Rasnov-Cheile Rasnoavei 8 km;
Bucuresti-Cheile Rasnoavei 145km.




Râşnoavei Cave

Râşnoavei Cave is one of the most known natural attractions of Postăvaru Mountains, being located on the territory of Râşnov locality, in Braşov county and has a length of 390 meters.

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Complexul Olimpic de Sarituri cu Schiurile

La 16 iulie 2009, printr-un parteneriat intre un trust economic privat,Federatia Romana de Schi si Biatlon si Primaria Rasnov a inceput pe Valea Carbunarii construirea bazei olimpice de sarituri cu schiurile, primul centru de sarituri cu schiurile la standarde internationale din Romania, unul dintre cele mai moderne din Europa de Est.

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